For Building a Living Community

UrLoop is the trusted AI based community and media platform designed for and by older adults to remain active,
purposeful and enjoy life even more.

For Senior Living Providers

Tools to streamline communication, promote social integration and showcase a vibrant, close-knit community.

For Residents

An opportunity to be fully engaged, share experiences, make new friends and enjoy the many amenities offered.

For our Global community

For all active older adults to connect with like-minded people around the world, access rich, relevant content and never feel alone.

Why we care

Every community consists of unique personalities that should be celebrated and filled with joy. Providers deserve assurance that residents are happier, healthier and have purpose.

Who we are

A passionate, intergenerational group of experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to making a difference in the perception and quality of life for our older adults.

What we do

Provide an uniquely interactive AI based communication and service request software solution that older adults trust and use.

Who We Serve

All older adults as well as the communities who cater to them.

For Community Providers

Co-created by the communities and older adults we serve.

Marketing Tool

A product to present your community as the ultimate option for a new generation of seniors

Family Participation​

Family involvement with full platform access for "privileged friends"

Dynamic groups and events

A fully interactive tool to build engagement

Service Requests

A management solution to provide better and more efficient service

Staff Engagement

Streamlined communication resulting in less stress on staff

Community Calendar

An ability to create and manage your communities event and activity calendar

The UrLoop Platform

Digital Biography (coming soon)

Memories, moments and photos to share with your friends and family

Mobile First​

Secure mobile app for iOS and Android - simple to use whether in your community, at home or on the road.

Simple Communication​

Text, voice, and video chat to stay easily connected with friends and family

Engaging Content

Innovative features regularly added to enable the creation and sharing of rich, relevant content

Designed by older adults​

Change how older adults are perceived and how they perceive themselves

Community Education​

Continuing education on the latest technology trends for older adults

Turn 65 Daily in the US
Use the internet daily
Say they are lonely
U.S. Population over 50
Working with world's best companies.
Customer Testimonials
“Rolling out UrLoop at our communities will allow us to experience the immense power of the software in action. We are thrilled that Urloop will enable us to positively influence the happiness in the life of both our staff and our residents.”


Josh J.
Community Owner
“UrLoop is the perfect partner for us. They listen, they collaborate, they implement and then our staff and residents get to use this uniquely innovative software to make them happier.”


Jason E.
Community Owner
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